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Your Health Savings Account is just that: Yours.

And the money in your HSA stays with you, even if you change jobs.

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Money goes in tax-free, comes out tax-free.

The dollars in your HSA are free of federal or state taxes, both when you put them in and when you take them out for qualified medical expenses.

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Use it any time. Be prepared all the time.

Your Health Savings Account money is yours to withdraw and use any time for eligible health expenses. And once your HSA reaches a certain designated balance, you may choose to invest and grow a portion of your HSA dollars. So you can focus on living, not worrying.

You're sure to use it.
You're bound to love it.

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Designed for everyone in your household, even if you're enrolled in single health plan coverage.

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Copays and coinsurance. Your HSA covers the portions of health care bills that are paid by you.

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Routine health care & prescriptions including office visits, x-rays, lab work, medications, and more.

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Dental care including cleanings, fillings, crowns and dentures.

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Vision care including eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses.

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Hospital expenses including surgery and room & board charges.

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Over-the-counter items such as blood pressure & cholesterol monitors, insulin & diabetic testing supplies, first aid products, and more.

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