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Meet fellow Americans who’ve been there, done that, and understand how to maximize the many benefits of an HSA.

Jason Tartick

Speaker, investor and founder of Restart, a consulting company, vlog and blog centered around life hacks.


What’s your favorite part about HSAs?


That HSAs can support your health and wealth. Once your HSA reaches a certain designated balance, you can choose to invest and grow a portion of your HSA dollars.

Lissette Calveiro

Digital strategist, content creator and business coach with a focus on money, business and influencer marketing advice.


What’s the biggest thing you learned about HSAs when you started with WEX?


HSAs were a health benefit that I was overlooking! They’re a great way to pay for medical expenses (tax exempt), and you can save what you don’t use for the future—even retirement. I break down a lot of my learnings in my Healthcare Benefits 101 blog post.

Kelly & Mitch Larkin

Creators behind Kelly in the City, a lifestyle blog and social presence providing tips and inspiration for travel, style, home design.


What’s one thing you didn’t know about HSAs?


I didn’t know the range of things HSAs can cover—from copays and coinsurance, to routine healthcare and prescriptions, to over-the-counter items and hospital expenses. Plus, you can use HSAs to support the entire family.

Jean Chatzky

Author, motivational speaker, podcast host and CEO of HerMoney, a platform devoted to financial literacy.


In what ways is an HSA better than a 401k?


HSAs allow you to contribute tax free, earn on interest and investments tax free, and cover medical expenses tax free. Plus, you can use your HSA at any time to cover eligible health expenses, unlike a 401K, which charges a fee for withdrawing before you turn 59.5 years old.