Employer tools that make Health Savings Account administration feel like anything but work.

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Easy for you, easy for them.

With the WEX Health Payment Card, employees easily access their HSA funds wherever major credit cards are accepted. That kind of flexibility can improve cash flow, increase enrollment and raise contributions. The card takes the guess work out of paying for health care expenses, if you have multiple accounts, the card pays for eligible healthcare expenses from the right account. Which means more employer FICA savings and a better employee experience.

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A single view of success.

The dollars in your HSA are free of federal or state taxes, both when you put them in and when you take them out for qualified medical expenses.

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At the ready, around the clock.

A highly trained cadre of support specialists and account managers make for smooth onboarding, quick set-up and easy integrations. And they remain within ready reach for world-class service and ongoing support, whenever and for whatever.

An important 2019 report reveals how HSAs can ease employee concerns and create a sense of security about their financial futures. You'll find that helpful and revealing report here.

HSAs are growing in popularity. Why not offer employees what they're asking for?


See what an HSA can do for you. And for them.