Say hello to HSAs

A health savings account is made to benefit you at any stage in your life.

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Save more, worry less.

A Health Savings Account, or HSA, helps you pay less in taxes, boost your takehome pay, and keep more of the money you've earned. It's that simple, and that valuable.

HSA Benefit Card

Looks like a credit card. Works like magic.

You use your health benefits card to pay for eligible health purchases, products and services from your Health Savings Account. No out-of-pocket costs to pay. No receipts to submit. No hassles. No kidding.

Piggy bank, safety net & security blanket. All in one.

Built for real people. By real people.

Before we were WEX, we were consumers. And parents and caregivers and employees. Today, we're in the business of simplifying healthcare. For everyone.